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Dee is from the UK. As a youngster, he watched his uncle’s / friend draw, this was his first introduction into art world, and he tried to copy him by drawing superhero’s from comic magazines.

During his time at high school in 1980’s he was influenced by the hip-hop culture, and made friends with graffiti artist (Paul Warren aka Ren). A writing group called called ‘Vinyl Junkies’, his tag names were, Dee or Caper.

The piece below is from the mid 86-87 (‘Caper’) this was designed by him and completed with the other writers artists in Hayes/ Middlesex.

Towards the late 80’s the music scene was changing, this and with other commitments meant that he stopped the graffiti art work, and found a job in the computer trade.

In the early 90’s he discovered photography as another way to be creative, and found it interesting enough to get a job as an assistant to a group of advertising photographers. (John Mac, Paul Rees, Gary Salter and the late Jimmy Wormser.)

After working as an assistant for 5 years, he was disillusioned with the business, income was not regular and had becoming an issue, this coupled with a family loss, had forced him to make some changes, and thus he went back to the computer trade and got regular job.

After a few years, the digital revolution had kicked in, and he invested in a digital camera, and found his passion for photography again. He focused on the fetish scene as a subject and created various photographic art works for his own interest, here he applied his skills learnt during his assisting years.

Slave to the ballet. (2006) Models Lisa and Ola. This is a photo from his fetish art portfolio.

Key photographic events:
• Article on my photographic work by NY Arts Magazine July / August 2008 issue
• In 2009 twenty five photographic fetish art works were bought by Nicholas Lykiardopulo, and a successful exhibition was held in Greece.
• Photographic competition winner in ‘The world’s greatest erotic art of today’ – volumes 1 and 3.
• A photograph from my knitting series was used for interior design project by Jimmie Martin a noted interior designer, the interior was featured in a Spanish magazine called Nuevo Estilo – June 2016

Photo used as part of Interior design project, article from the Nuevo Estilo Magazine

In 2011, another family loss meant that he was forced to deal with family matters, and priorities took over, he lost his creative energy in the photographic field, but after a few years got the urge to do something new and creative. During this time he was he was getting some photo prints framed by Laurence a framer from west London – Greenford, and he noticed some blank canvass which he bought from him and started to paint as an experiment, and this is how he fell into amateur oil painting.

His interest in the art world lies in photography and painting, in terms of style this varies, from the classics to modern, anything that breaks his perception and simply makes him say wow. Coming from a photographic background, he enjoys paintings that do to not look too perfect, as this is what he had to achieve in the photographic world. He likes the impressionistic style and for them have a controlled unfinished rough quality, and this is what he wants to achieve in his work, that that said he admires the masterful technically ability of many painters, and is mesmerised by the old masters, impressionist’s and surrealist painters.
He is self-taught and likes to experiment using oil, although fun, he finds it a challenging medium to work with and is learning all the time.

He likes to paint what he would like on his walls, enjoys the process, doesn’t take it seriously, but takes pride on his work if he nail’s it.

In his spare time and when not working or painting, he tries to develop skills in amateur portrait sketching, working from old portrait photographic books, as he has many. He loves the simplicity of producing an image with just a few charcoal pencils, eraser and paper.

Today he likes to experiment with oils as an amateur, he likes the medium, and the history of it. So here you will see various oil paintings and photographic art works.

He also enjoyes creating digital artworks, using his photograhic images with the influence of graffiti style and incorporating machine code into the work. This started when he created an oil painting called ‘machine code’, as this facinates him. Underlying all digital arts work is Computer Machine Code (01’s), so he wanted add this to some of these works, which can be seen in the Digital Art Page.

Today he creates various digitial artworks as NFT’s and provide advise in this area of Crypto’s and NFT’s.


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